Monday, May 12, 2014

Challenger... the car not the space shuttle

This is a dodge challenger that I built in 3ds max. I really wanted to have a nice car to test out some studio lighting, so I chose this. The interior is poor but the external features seem to stand up to scrutiny.

Rendered with Vray 2.4 and some post in Photoshop.

My approach to the lighting was quite simplistic. The main highlight across the top half of the car is a large source tilted slightly towards the camera. After a tone of test renders to get the position right (the aim was to accentuate the crease in the body) I added the spots for the wheels. to try and bring out the detail in the tires and multi-spokes... man i love classic wheels like that!!

1 comment:

  1. perhaps I should take this further and make a dramatic shot.
    Something in the style of Driver (the original PS1 game)