Saturday, February 6, 2016

Blender lens whacking motorcycle photogrammetry

Here's a detail of a shot I've been working on for quite a while.
Someone I've been working with sent me a tone of photos of his sons rat bob motorcycle. I ran them all into Photoscan and produced an amazing result. It wasn't perfect and needed a lot of clean up... that being said, all the base detail was there, it just needed retopologising and textures projecting.

So I started out work wit the bike, taking it apart piece by piece. It took a while but I finally finished the asset. I really wanted to put this into  a New York apartment style bachelor pad. Lots of brick, beams, floor boards and motorbikes inside :)

So as a challenge, I decided to attempt this in Blender. Almost all, modelled and materialed when I stared playing around with Blend4Web
It's an amazing tool that allows content from Blender to be published directly to html or json. Very very cool.
So as a test I cleared all my materials from the bike set and exported... apparently I also saved at some point too. As a result I list ALL the material and texture work I had done. You know what they say... 'it's always twice as fast the second time around'! :)

I sat down a couple of nights ago with the challenge to produce 'something' before I went to bed. This is the result. 
My aim is now to compete the set and produce a series of shots exploring the space and it's content.

Tech breakdown: This is a photoscan model pulled into blender. Zbrush for retopo and UV mapping. Mesh lights for light leaks and synthetic lens and obstetricals producing the 'doubling' effect.


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